About Me



Hello and welcome to Frugalitude. I'm Julia and I love finding a good deal, saving money and time, learning how to make less waste and being more conscious about how I live.

More importantly I love the freedom that being frugal brings to my life. I have more time and money to follow my dreams and to do more of what I love – including this blog!

That's me on the right there with a coffee - I love taking a little time each day to slow down and enjoy a good coffee!


I’m also an avid baker so I thought a fun way to share more about myself is with a recipe.


  • A frugal grandmother who saved and re-used practically everything
  • Parents who ran their own business so were very cost-conscious
  • A husband who also enjoys saving and a good deal
  • A strong aversion to the stress of being in debt
  • A sense of satisfaction when I save money or time
  • A scone recipe that showed me how home-made can be so much more delicious
  • A desire to be more environmentally-conscious
  • A dose of healthy skepticism about things I’m told


  • Take the ingredients above and mix thoroughly.
  • Allow to marinate over a long period of time.
  • Now you understand and little more about who I am and why I started Frugulitude.
  Honey - after a battle with a bush!

  Honey - after a battle with a bush!

I should also introduce you to Honey, our Labradoodle. Honey demonstrates great "Frugalitude" as she's always willing to eat leftovers, she can reuse most items as toys and she chooses to live consciously: mainly eating, sleeping and playing!

She's also a frequent companion in the kitchen, hoping that she’ll get a taste of whatever I am cooking.


About The Blog

For me, Frugalitude is a way of living. We all have a finite amount of time and money so I believe it is good to be more conscious about how we spend them. So on this blog I share different ways to be more frugal and careful about how to spend your time, money or energy, investigate whether something is worthwhile to do (or not!) and look at ways to live life better and happier. 

I hope that you will find enjoy the site. Perhaps try some things for yourself and share your experiences?

To find out more about Frugalitude you can check out the What in the world is Frugalitude? and The Frugalitude Manifesto posts. Otherwise, dive into the blog and explore how you can get more Frugalitude!


About The Website

It has been a labor of love to create this website. Since this site is dedicated to frugal living I have tried to create it in a thrifty way, doing as much as I can on my own. However, I definitely could not do it alone so I am very thankful for:

  • My husband, Mr Frugalitude, for all his support and patience with me.
  • Friends who have cheered me on (and continue to do so!)
  • Fiverr which made it so easy to get the Frugalitude branding done quickly and at a great low cost.
  • Squarespace for making it so easy to create my own website, and the incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people on the Squarespace forum.
  • Craftsy for their great photography classes.
  • Ruth Soukup and all her great tips and wisdom on blogging.