The Big Declutter - Selling on letgo &

The Big Declutter - Selling on letgo &

Over the past few posts, I’ve reviewed whether selling on Amazon, eBay and Facebook Marketplace is worthwhile. In this last post on selling I will be reviewing the letgo app and

The letgo app was launched in 2015 and, according to Business Insider, the company is now worth over $1 billion. Its’ app is in the Top 100 Free apps on iTunes, and on Google Play it claims that it’s been downloaded 75 million times and that there are 200 million listings on the site. Since it seems to be a very popular buying and selling site, I thought I would give it a try.

As for, this site is a private social network just for your neighborhood where you can interact with your neighbors. This includes getting or giving recommendations, organizing and publicizing neighborhood events, alerting neighbors to lost pets or crime in the area and selling or giving away items. Since I was already a member of and, like Facebook Marketplace and letgo, there is no charge to list items for sale on the site it seemed a good idea to try it out.


Getting set-up on letgo is simple and quick. You can either go to their website: or download the app. Then you can sign up either using your email, your Facebook account or your Google account.

However, is more involved and time-consuming. Go to the website, click on Sign up where you’ll first enter:

  • Your street address

  • Your email

Then you’ll be asked to fill in:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your gender

  • Which password you want to use

The next step is to verify your address and offers 4 ways to do this:

  • By phone so they call your home or mobile phone to verify your account.

  • Using your credit or debit card they will check your card billing address (but not store your card number)

  • Using the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number they will check the address linked to your SSN. (They will not store your SSN)

  • They will send a postcard with a code to your home.

Once you’ve verified your address, you can add your spouse, select your interests, find out which of your friends is already on Nextdoor, invite others to join, add your emergency contacts and download the Nextdoor app. Note: these final steps can be skipped if you want.

Listing an item for sale

Listing an item on both letgo and is easy. On letgo:

  • Click on the “Sell Your Stuff” button

  • Upload up to 10 photos.

  • Add a price or mark it as Free.

  • Then you have a choice: you can add more details to your listing or post another listing. I would recommend adding more details. These are:

    • Title for your listing

    • Description of your item

    • Category

  • Click “Save Changes” and your listing is created.

On, click on the “For Sale & Free” link in the menu on the left-hand side of the page, and then click the green “Post an item” button. On the “Post a message” screen:

Listing an item on

Listing an item on

  • Make sure “For Sale & Free” is selected

  • Select which neighborhood you want to post your item.

  • Add a title for your listing

  • Provide a detailed description of your item

  • Add a price

  • Then choose a category

  • Add your photos

  • Click the “Post item” and you are done.

Ease of Communication

Both letgo and do make communication easy. With letgo, all communication is through the site or app using their chat feature.

Communication from potential buyers in the site is via private message. You can see the buyer’s message and reply to it via your inbox. Plus you’ll get an email to your registered email address to let you know you’ve received a message.


It takes me about 15 minutes to list an item on either or letgo, but this includes taking some photos and deciding what to write for the item’s description. If I already have the photos and description then creating a listing on either site takes about 5 minutes.

Number of Items Posted/Sold

Since the beginning of September, we’ve sold nothing on either letgo or

  • Number of items listed on letgo = 9

  • Number of items sold on letgo = 0

  • Number of items listed on = 7

  • Number of items sold on = 0


There are no fees for either letgo or

Featured items on letgo

Featured items on letgo

However, letgo does have a “Feature it” option on the letgo app. For $1.99 (per item) letgo will “feature” your item so that more buyers will see it. According to letgo, this means that your item will appear at the top of the search list and a “Featured” ribbon will be adding to the listing photo for 24 hours.


For both letgo and Nextdoor sales, you will need to take care of this yourself when you meet with the buyer.

In my review of Facebook Marketplace, I added some tips for handling payments, so I encourage you to check them out.

Also, for any sales made through letgo, be aware that there seem to be a number of scammers who use this site, and I have read a number of complaints from people who have had bad experiences both buying and selling on letgo.

One particularly popular scam is for the buyer to claim they do not live in the area so will be sending their mover to pick up the item. They will send you a check for way more than the price of the item and want you to give the mover the item and the change. However, the check they sent you will bounce. Although I have not sold anything on letgo, I was contacted by a man who gave me the mover story and offered to send me a check. Luckily for me, I was suspicious so I didn’t pursue this offer, and then letgo suspended and then deleted the buyers account for “safety reasons”.

Overall Grading

Although neither letgo or charge fees, and I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping the items, my experience with these sites was not good. On letgo I got a lot of messages indicating interest in various items but most never responded after the initial question about the item’s availability. With, I had very little interest in any items – just a couple of messages. Therefore, in my opinion, both of these sites deserve a 1-pig rating. While it did not take too much time to list the items for sale, the lack of any sales means that, for me, these are not effective ways to sell my unwanted items.

What do you think? Have you had success selling items on either letgo or If so, what tips can you give the rest of us?

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The Big Declutter - Selling on Facebook Marketplace

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