Will you be my frugal Valentine?

Will you be my frugal Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is next week and everywhere there seems to be love hearts, balloons and the pressure to spend a lot of money on romance.

If you’re trying to live frugally, then it can be very tempting to ignore Valentine’s Day and save your money. However, according to a recent survey by OppLoans, 57% of respondents would be upset if they did not get some kind of gift. If your loved one is in this group, then what are your frugal options for Valentine’s Day?

Luckily, the same survey also found out that 88 % of respondents felt that the thought that goes into a present is more important its cost, and 41% would be happy with a thoughtful gift even if it cost $0. If you do have to spend money on a thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that spending money on others brings more happiness than spending it on yourself!

A thoughtful gift is obviously dependent on the recipient, but here are some ideas to get you started:

1.       Give an experience

Like spending money on others, spending money on experiences can also bring more happiness than just buying things. Plus you’ll both get enjoyment from the shared experience and the memories. So think about the kinds of things that your loved one likes to do, and surprise them on Valentine’s Day with some fun and adventure.


2.       Do something for them – especially if it’s a job they don’t like!

We all have things that we would rather not do, so why not offer to do it for them? Here’s some coupons that you could give them to redeem when they need a break.


3.       Spend time together

Everyone is so busy these days, and since time is limited it is a precious resource – so spending some of that valuable time with someone else can be a great gift. You could take a walk together, have a meal, go for coffee, or maybe make plans for the future? Whatever you do, it’s a great idea to leave the phone at home, or at least turned off/silent in your pocket, to minimize interruptions and maximize your time together.

4. Make it all about them

It used to be a tradition to send your loved one a hand-written note on Valentine’s Day, and this can be a great way to communicate how much someone means to you. Writing a letter to show your love and gratitude to someone else can increase your happiness, save you money and can also lower your cholesterol.

If you’re not sure how to write a love letter, here’s some suggestions of what to include from Jordan Grey:

  1. Start with why you’re sending this letter

  2. Detail what they bring to your life

  3. Allude to memories that you share

  4. Describe what you love about them

If you struggle with writing a letter, then you could create an “I love you because…” jar

All you need to do is brainstorm the reasons that you love them, write each of them down on separate pieces of paper or Post-It notes and put them into the jar. Lastly, label the jar with “I love you because…”

It’s a simple but very personal and thoughtful way to show how much you appreciate your loved one.

“I love you because…” jar

“I love you because…” jar


5. What about roses, chocolate, a romantic meal?

If their idea of a perfect Valentine’s Days is more traditional, it’s still possible to celebrate it without breaking the bank; whether it’s a meal, roses or chocolate.

A romantic meal in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day can be very expensive. If you are looking to be a little more frugal then consider:

  • Making their favorite meal at home

  • Getting takeout from their favorite restaurant

  • Making a reservation for a different, cheaper night.

Red roses are the ultimate Valentine flower but are expensive, so just give one and explain that giving a single rose signifies utmost devotion to that person.

As for chocolates, how about making your own chocolate-covered strawberries instead of buying them? It just takes two ingredients and about 15 minutes – check out the recipe here .

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? If so, how? Share below!

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